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Hey you guys. I’m so glad I found your show a year ago. You have made it possible for me to take my gardening from outside to inside. But it’s more than that, it’s the vast amount of knowledge that’s your show provides with all its content and Professionals of the trade to give some of their little Trade Secrets To help us become better Growers from lighting to humidity To different type of growing mediums let’s not forget monitors you  guys cover it all and break it down so that’s why I say it’s our garden I may be The Driver but you guys and everybody from the DGC are the mechanics and when I pop the hood of my car well you want to see how good you find tuned it. Just wanted to say you DUDE, Scotty Real, & the Guru can’t forget the crew in the bakery also. Please keep the awesome content coming. PS little hard for me to be a paid member at this time but I definitely can buy your badass merch. peace out stay lifted Chicago Ron High Tech Redneck of the South.