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Ice Cream Man by Compound Genetics throwing some gorgeous colors and starting to put the fade on nicely!!!  This one has been a very nice pleasant suprise for me this run!!! Strong apricot/orange smells with a hint of jet fuel(exactly like the name implies). Grown in my own homemade amended soil, using ffj’s, compost teas, mammoth P, recharge, and photosynthesis plus by microbe life hydro!!!!! Using a 315 CMH, 400HPS/MH, 1,000 watt HPS, and A “600” watt LED for a nice mixed spectrum which the girls seem to really love. Using hortilux and Phillips bulbs. I cannot wait to chop this girl down and smoke her!! Much love to the dgc, and thanks again Scotty for the recharge(its been a game changer)!