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What’s up DGC, Scotty’s always talking about how you got to keep your battery charged and even though you might have a charged battery if you’re not making a good connection you’re not going to get the energy from it, recharge gives you that good connection and if you don’t believe me check this out what you’re looking at is two root systems that I started the same exact time from the same exact batch one was grown and a three gallon plastic pot using no recharge the other root system was growing in a three gallon fabric pot with recharge I’m going to let you guess which one was given recharge you’re right the one that looks like a cheap wig because they are so many roots!

I need to note that I did break a little bit off the bottoms of each one whenever I was getting them out of the pots but I think the root structure coming off the stem and the Taproot explains and shows everything of why your plants do so good I was a little bit skeptic at first this is the first year I tried it but let me tell you never ever will I grow anything again without recharge my tomatoes love them my jalapenos love them but most importantly my cannabis loves them and Scotty I want to thank you so much for doing the extra research and coming up with your own formula thank you DGC for everything you guys do!!!!!! Much love from Florida!