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im sure this has been done before but for a cheap and inexpensive way to keep your water cool it’s worth throwing out there even if it only helps one person. I didn’t even realize the wheels would make it easier for weekly res changes. My grow room never gets above  80 degrees so the cooler doesn’t have to work hard at all to keep water cool. I wonder if a more expensive cooler would keep water cooler longer in HIGHER temp’d rooms?  I keep about 6 normal sized water bottles in the freezer and when the lights come on I go in and check ppm’s, ph and change out my two water bottles. Nice clean white roots till the end.

tools needed

1. Cheap holesaw kit and drill of any kind to pop holes in lid for tubing

2. A utility knife to notch lid for clearance of cord and air line.

Its kinda a pain to deal with removing the lid and tubing during res change but in my opinion better than the costly alternative.