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ok so fuck its hot, also its Hella dry up here in (Siberia)……… Alaska.

My room where i dry in the summer is 70+ F. and like 30 % H. i have ruined a lot of good harvest by not having it in the 60-60 zone. I did not want to ruin this latest crop of 3 plants. I have a lot of igloo coolers (salmon fishing on the copper river every year) accouple i can almost fit into, the big long white ones. I took some racks and set them in side along with a temp and humidity reader and shut the lid. after a while i checked the temps (too hot, too dry) so  in a smaller lunch box cooler (contains all condensation)  i added frozen water bottles at the very end of the cooler so it would drop the  temp. Well with all the wet weed and the ice it stayed at about 58 degrees F and 60-66% RH. every 12 hours id change out bottles.

At around day 10 i noticed the humidity was dropping faster (8 hrs) so removed a few of the bottle caps and we were back in range. I found that in combination of adding ice or water surface area it was really easy to get into zone (60-60) and keep it there. Compared to 75f and 30 H. It was almost like a black out mason jar, every day i burped it a few times and if it got to humid in the first day or two i cracked the lid with a pencil. I’m not saying my (bovida box) is the best way to go but it is a cooler and it keeps temp. i didn’t take pictures of a cooler cuz its now apart and when i need it ill just refreeze the bottles and add the racks. It worked well Fam, if you have a few plants or a lot of coolers you can do this obviously not commercially but by then you have money to throw at a curing room.

what does a professional curing room have?

sealed environment,…….. check

humidity control……. check

temperature control…….. check

no light….. check…..!

(Wet Planties)      Drops mic walks away!