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Sup everybody, wrapping up my first grow and I am hooked! Long story short, I was diagnosed with colon cancer last winter and man, did those plants help me get through some ish. Anyways, this beauty here is Willow. The strain is Lost Cause by an unknown breeder. I picked her up at a local dispensary for $1 and as the headline says, I’ll buy anything for a dollar!! She was sitting on a shelf under terrible lighting with a caution orange colored tag labeled “lost cause”, which I thought meant that the plant was deemed not sellable. Nope, it’s the strain name. After a ton of TLC, a dash of patience and good old mother nature it appears that Willow is in fact the opposite of a “lost cause”! She has blossomed into a 5½ foot monster that reeks of a juicy grapefruit IPA. She has a few weeks left but I’m sitting around, toking a bowl and watching dude grows so I said screw it, perfect time for a first post. Happy growing everyone! Keep it frosty