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What’s up everyone. Ok so I saw some gnats and some white strands of what looked like fuz or piece of a web. So I’m laced up ready to rock out. Stopped by my local hydro store  and he hooked me up good.  Everything is in pictures. Hope this works. Seems a little overkill but I’d rather be sitting here ready for them to come throwing bows and takin names. Then getting my babies butts whooped up and down that tent lol.  But seriously. The mosquito bits are under the rice hulls and I actually needed to add more coco to some of the pots so I peeped the coco then just added the bits to it before I added it to the pot. Then top dressed it, fed it, and got some foliage spray going. Kinda mad it took away from the fresh bud smell of my tent but gotta take the good with the bad. I’m testing how early I can top(ergo the one dome like fuzzy stick). Going to run out of room quick. The two smaller plants are my test subjects to see what different things do. Just having fun experimenting different formulas and what happens. Still new so a lot to learn but this group has helped me kick some ass thus far. For my first time I’m supper excited.  So all in all my question is, for foliage spray how much am I spraying. Just a light mist onto the surface, not making it bead off the leaf correct? No matter what I did water droplets formed. But I did my best i hope the  pics help a little bit.