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Big thanks to the DGC for featuring my last question; the comments were helpful. It’s only been a few days but I’m back already. I need some help figuring out what’s going on here. I’ve successfully grown this same strain before with no issues, but combination of inexperience and color blindness (protonopia) are hurting me right now. I hope I included most of the relevant details below.

So just after transplanting I noticed some mite damage on bottom of leaves and started treating. You will see both pest and spray damage on lower leaves. Unfortunately, i was only able to access the grow a few hours before lights out those days.

The issue i need help with now is the curling and discoloration on the new growth. At first i thought for sure it was a Ca deficiency but I dont want to be treating the wrong issue. Im not sure if its a light problem (see previous post). I’m running on the near the lowest setting on the HLG 300. Or maybe there a deficiency/pH issue. Could it be stress (i always LST the shit out of my autos)? Maybe i’m just spraying too much. I haven’t seen any new evidence of pest activity.

This is where being colorblind really sucks. Lend me your eyes and experience DGC. What do you think?

Sorry for the novel.

Grow details:

Northern Lights Auto Seedsman 42days from germ.

2x2x4 Tent
Happy Frog w/ 30%Perlite
5gal smart pot
NFTG Nutrients, Recharge, Purecrop1, Spinosad
Tap water PH to 6.3 for feeding
Temps: 73- 81 F RH: 52-60

• 4/8 Seed popped in solo cup
• 4/25 Transplant into 5 gallon smart pot
• 5/1 first feed .25 strength + recharge
• 5/5 signs of pest damage spotting leaves. Spray purecrop1.
• 5/8 calmag + spinosad + recharge soil drench. Spray PC1.
• 5/10 Pruned lower leaves near soil and removed severly damaged leaves for easier pest damage ID.
• 5/12 .5 strngth food + recharge
• 5/14 calmag + spinosad + recharge spray PC1
• 5/17 recharge + spray PC1