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What’s up DGC it’s NPKyle, and yes that’s NP-Kyle not NPK-yle.
I thought I would reach out to everyone to help me solve a mystery in the garden. 20170103_13382820170103_13391820170103_133928

The plants in the pictures are Pineapple Express. These were just recently transplanted into coco from clone in rockwool. The stunted and malformed growth in the pictures developed after getting potted up.

We have done this routine countless times, with countless strains. We have seen this before, but very sporadically, maybe 1-3 plants out of 200.

The only change we have made recently was a transition from pro-mix to coco/perlite.

Nutrient list:

Yucca, Gh Armor si Botanicare vitamino, bioAG fulpower, GH Cali-magic, GH flora 3-part, and botanicare Rhizoblast. Averge PPMs are 750, water temp 70, ph 5.5-6.5.

Also, I foliar with Heavy16 Foliar 1/2 strength once a week and a mixture of compost tea and kelp once a week. As far as bug control goes, they get azamax once a week.

During the transition from promix to coco we upped the feeding about 15% by adjusting the dosage of the GH micro/grow/bloom.
So, with all that laid out here’s what I have come up with as far as possibilies:

Broad mite/hemp russet: I inspected multiple plants clearly, and no evidence of bugs.

Old nutrients: the GH bloom lost its red color from the time I opened it, is this normal?

Micronutrients deficiency: I have since applied a full strength Heavy 16 foliar that should address that it its the case.

Micronutrients overdose: in which case I will see the affected plants I foliared will get worse.

Virus/pathogen: though I don’t know how it could have been introduced part-way in veg.


DGC, has anyone ever seen anything like this? Thanks a million to all the help guys, growers love!

– NPKyle