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Hey, DGC Fam, hope you all are doing well. My perpetual grow with Autos (germinate 2 seeds every 2 weeks) in my garden bed is in full swing and going well for the most part. Before I transplanted and topped this Purple Lemonade 5 days ago she was showing some yellowing on her new growth. I’ve been applying a maintenance foliar spray (FPJ and Apple Cider Vinegar [ACV]) while I try to figure out the issue. She was getting better but every time she pops out some new growth its fairly yellow as you can see in the photos. She started in about a quart-sized pot and was given Nectar for the Gods and recharge along with my FPJ and ACV. I have been pretty confident that the watering has been on point, if anything on the underwatered side. My environment has been around 72-75 degrees and RH around 42-45%. With the yellowing being on new growth makes me first think it may be sulfur or zinc deficiency since it’s likely an immobile nutrient issue. Before I whip out the epsom salts I wanted to see what the crew thought of the diagnosis. Other than the photos of the Purple Lemonade, the full sized gals are my Wedding Cheesecake Autos (Fastbuds) which were all topped before they were 4 weeks old from seed. You got to top these Autos young or you’re wasting your time. You can see for yourself in my last post of my garden bed before my first harvest when they were mostly all little quarter bags on sticks. haha Thanks fam for all your help and support. #Growerslove

Dr. Phil Goude’