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This is a organic grow or dried amendments I’m using a Costa Maine compost and worm castings as a super soil I’m adding I green green  248 and 244 and letting that sit for about a month I got the same soil for about a year now and everything’s perpetual and beautiful appreciate  all the help from the DGC and only 10 months I went from Scotty taking notes big guy I’ll have invite soon lol naw God is wonderful without him and the help of my family I would not be on this 1st class ride… well you know I’m grateful but  like  Scotty taking notes baby hopefully one day we sit at the table take next atmosphere I’m on another planet when I get back g650  love y’all.

This is hlg600 hal 350 Bloom plus 4*4 as well as 5*5 and mars 4*4

Week 3 only went with this cuz for week 3 looks amazing