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Greetings & Salutations DGC… So I previously asked a question about Steeping⚡ReCharge⚡along with my WormCasting Tea’s and it Air-ed on Dec 4 and Again on Dec 28 Thank You again for Dropping Sum Knowledge 💣Bombs💣 my way Much Much Appreciated… So I’ve been using ⚡ReCharge⚡ on my Current Organic Winter Crop along With VersaTerra liguid Wormcasting My soil Is Organic ProMix with sum Pearlight I have added and then Amended With Organic Down to Earth Nutrients and have seen some Amazing results… Hats off to all of you over there at Real Growers you really produce an amazing product that gets Results. Well with that being said D-Day is fastly approaching for my ladys and my Follow Up Question is when should I stop Feeding my Plants ⚡ReCharge⚡??.. I only ask because all these ladys have been getting lately is PHed Water to 6.5 and ⚡ReCharge⚡ I’m no longer giving them the WormCasting tea.. I dont plan on flushing them since all of my Nutrients are Amended in the Soil and are Organic… Or Should I??… Any Knowledge you and the Crew at the DGC might have Would be Totally Rad.. I’m So glad there is a platform like this to talk about and learn how to grow Amazing Cannabis Thanks Again for all your Hard Work… Iv Attached some pictures of the Organic Winter Crop the Short Stocky plant is Gorilla Glue #4 & the Tall Lanky plant is Critical Purple both are From Growers Choice Seeds and Are AutoFlowers…

P.S KillaBee is the NickName I was givin back in High School…lol