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Hey DGC whats up love the show and am learning so much. I am currently in prohibition land New Zealand where its kinda accepted but still not legal and lot of people are just saying screw the system and doing it anyway. We even have a cannabis club called the daktory in wellington where you can pay for membership to access the premise, and then buy and consume cannabis all this happening while it remains illegal. With the referendum next year we are all ready seeing a very blind eye from the law enforcement side of things and they are only going to come after you if your up to other shady carry on’s. but for the average smoker/grower seems you will be left alone.

Anyway a little bit about my grow…

i have been growing indoors for 6 years now starting off small in a 1.2x.1.2m tent with a 400w hps. 6 years in and im now running a 3 light cycle. clone, veg, and flower room with a harvest every 5 weeks of around 24-32oz :). i grow in coco-perlite 70%/30% mix and use canadian xpress nutrients usually put my flowering plants into 50L potsĀ  more roots more buds that’s what ive found anyway. so here’s some of the dank ive been growing. will keep you guys updated on the next lot have just sprouted some Gorilla banana (expert seeds) and some Purple Punch (barneys Farm) will be flowering them out with some banana kush and gorilla glue #4

this is my current lot end of week 7 photos about to start 2 weeks of flushing

photo 1 LA widow (kera seeds)

Photo 2 half the room

Photo 3 Gorilla glue #4 (unknown breeder)

Photo 4 Tangerine dream ( barneys Farm)