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Yo-yo, ‘tis the season for big plants. I used to make these individual non-disposable scrog rings out of metal fencing. It was heavy and could not be so easily manipulated in shape. This is just leftover sprinkler tubing that I had laying around. Ben’s perfectly into a circle. Then connect them together with one of the little fittings barbed. You could do anything though. Duct tape. I then simply place this plastic temporary fencing that was left over from a job.Threw it over. Cut it out. Attached it various ways. Some electrical ties some twine. I even used rebar ties. Whatever works. Toss it over the plant and attach to stakes. It can be lifted higher later. I like to just throw another one and double scrog. Hopefully somebody will get use of this. If not, then I guess throw a net over everything and deal with that. Or use 1 billion bamboos. Watch your eyes!