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I had to cut my grow short, but it’s all good. I just gave away 4 plants in the 2nd week of flower to a friend I met through the community. I was pretty bummed thinking I’d have to kill them, but now I’m excited to see what becomes of them.

The plants are MagPie from Best Coast and they’ve gotta be the easiest plants I’ve grown. Super massive leaves and very hormonal. They just wanted to grow leaves and when there wasn’t room for more fingers, it just grew new ones on top of itself.

So I set my buddy up for success with healthy plants and dense root systems. I stepped my pots up from CUP->1gl->3gl —then two of the four plants went to 7gl Rad-Bags. They’ve been put in the ground and looks like they didn’t skip a beat. the timing actually falls in line with the current flowering plants he has going; located near the southern coast of California.

Pretty cool situation, I wonder what’s gon’ happen!