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I have heard and seen multiple posts about these fans. They are the very affordable inline fan option you will find on Amazon. They have their own built in temperature and humidity control. I have an older 4 inch model exhausting my 2×4 tent. If you are trying to dial in your environment on a budget these fans are the way to go. The fan I have is going on 3 years now and I have only had a few issues. One issue was with the fan actually seizing after a week of operation. This was due to the high humidity I was dealing with in my tent. After playing with the fan and controls a bit I figured out how to dial in my environment while not overwhelming the fan. There are 3 modes you can select on the controller. Smart, ON/OFF, or Temperature controlled. When I first set the fan up I was using the Temperature option to exhaust the heat when it got too high. This was a mistake. As the temp rose in the tent so did the humidity and the walls began to drip as well as the ducting going to the fan. When the fan would kick on the moisture was too much and the fan stopped. Luckily, the fan bounced back once it dried out. Now, I have my fan and environment dialed in nicely with no issues. The SMART mode is the way to use these fans (during Veg.). Set your temp to taste based on your humidity (You will need a humidity gauge or monitor to do this). I have dialed in both my temp and humidity based on my monitor’s readings. Naturally the temperature on the controller will be different than the monitor’s or thermometer in your grow. Mine is about 10 degrees off. Once you know your standard deviation you can set your controller properly. Mine is set to come on at 89 degrees or 79 tent temp. On SMART mode this means at 79 degrees or 69 tent temp the fan turns on to the lowest speed. As the temp rises so does the fan’s speed… This is a great feature to control both temperature and humidity. Your walls will not drip and your fan wont get wet. In FLOWER, I don’t use SMART mode. In flower I leave the fan exhausting my tent 24/7. This keeps all humidity down during flowering and during lights out. You can play with this part of your grow as you wish though. Once you figure out the tricks to dial in your grow its easy to play God. NOTE, I do not run a carbon filter connected to the fan. I have a separate 6 inch filter and fan sitting outside the tent scrubbing the entire room. This isn’t a recommendation at all I just want to make it clear that the Infinity fan is not restricted or filtered in anyway. So yeah its dirty and unbalanced. That being said… The fan has definitely paid me back on my investment. For a “electronic cabinet” cooling fan made of plastic it has held up to my grow style. DGC approved and filed tested for sure! For the price and functions you can’t beat them. Recently the power went out in my neighborhood and when that happens you have to remember to reset your controller or it defaults to its own settings. This was really the only time I have had to touch the fan since I set up my current tent. NOTE, the fan had a hard time starting back up and I had to tap it a bit to get the blades turning. Been crankin hard since! Like I said DGC tested and DGC approved!!!! Growers Love. -GFK