Hey Dude, Scotty, Grambo and the DGC. Glad to be part of this community.

Thought this might be a good discussion on where the legal market is headed.

Wondering if anyone has heard of extracting Botanical Terpenes and adding them to weed products? Weed that tastes like pickles? Could be coming.

I am a hash smoker and I enjoy variety. I make my own bubble and dry sift but I like trying the different types. Sometimes the Ontario Cannabis Store has something interesting. Browsing today I saw a product that caught my eye. Hashish infused with Botanical Terpenes. I didn’t buy it. I’m looking for the taste of the hash. Real hash like Moroccan, Lebanese, Kashmir etc.

To me fine hashish is a true expression  of our favourite plant. Not something designed in a lab… now they can apparently extract terps from anything and infuse them into other products. curious how the DGC feel about this.