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Whats up DGC!? I thought this might be helpful for someone looking to build a small grow like I have done with my shed, or to just geek out on someone else’s grow. It’s not perfect and I have an idea to make another video to talk about all of the things that I want to change before the next grow. That reminds me, I need to write down that punch list!  One of the first things I picked up here is how important a dialed-in environment is in order to grow the dank, so I tried to not take any shortcuts on my modest little build. I went down to shoot some pictures before the lights went out and was too late, so I decided to show you all a detailed tour of the mechanical vestibule in my shed. I go over all of the controls, heating and cooling, and miscellaneous equipment that maintains the environment in the grow room. Since my shed is located outdoors, like most sheds, I wanted to provide a buffer from the outside environment. This seems to have paid off as the filtration in the vestibule is picking up a lot of junk that I wouldn’t want in the grow room. I also like giving the hot or cold air created by air conditioning, heating, and dehumidification a chance to mix before being blown directly on the plants.  Lastly, it is convenient to have everything outside of the grow room for IPM reasons (minimizing entry into the grow room) and to allow access to nearly all of the systems while lights in the grow room are off without potentially messing with the dark period.