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I’m pretty sure I have talked about insect netting before. I needed to show this example. Unfortunately you cannot see the violence of the rain and hail storm we just had a really in the picture. But, you can see that nobody is getting beat up out there! In the greenhouse, It’s doing double duty. With a couple of steaks and make a TP. Using insect netting a cut and clothes pins. At this point a bug has to get into the greenhouse, get through the net and then get through the diatomaceous earth dust covered straw. Insect screen is amazing. I feel like I need to see somebody using it or someone agree with me very loudly for me to shut up. So many people got bud rot last year. Other than the Freezing temperatures, it could have probably reduced or prevented damage. Good, decent, well intentioned people put so much time and work into something all season long. Just to see it destroyed. It’s only because I care that I’m so annoying. It would be easier to just say fuck you guys, and laugh all harvest long. Before I found out about it, I didn’t know about it. So I had to make sure y’all know about it. I know our leaders probably think that everything has been said sometimes and get tired. But new people jump on board every day. They don’t go back to far.  This is number one game change your out of anything in my entire life gardening!