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When I peeled back the landscape fabric to check the soil to see if my plants needed watering (the part of the landscape fabric I can lift up is outside the trellises) I can see lots of root growth climbing into the fabric and creating root tips. Never seen this before. Good or bad? At first I thought this was a good thing and pretty damn cool but then I started thinking why that happened and some of the possibilities I came up with weren’t good, I’m probably overthinking shit as I do, so I thought I’d ask the crew. Why is this happening? Am I over watering? Or is recharge, Mammoth P,  great soil with the top mulch fueling all that extra growth in the rhizosphere? Something else?

The pics below are of the exposed soil outside the trellises, so about a foot away from the plant stalk. The 32 biggest plants all have this.

Growers love,