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I want to start my FIRST herb grow in a tent. Here’s what I need help with first. IPM for houseplants I have.
I have a few non-herb houseplants and quite more of a few, young, (2-year-old) succulents, all of these have not had any IPM care with the 5 year old soil mixes they are in. The potting mixes are from various mixes and have been recycled over probably 5 years, having had different past various plants grown in them and chopped or died off etc. I’ve mixed the old soils together before, so any pests are probably in all the pots. I have added home worm castings which also have little mites and critters in the worm castings. There are soil mites or insects of some sort in the plants’ and succulents’ soils, (they don’t look like what I see when I searched spider mites online, but I am not experienced at all in IPM or pest ID so I can’t say, they move fairly quick), I’ve got fungus gnats which is no big deal, have had thrips before but haven’t seen those lately. Pretty sure I have had grain mites before in the home in an old bag of grains or two. Maybe they are those.
I put diatomaceous earth all over the soil and around the pots too on the ground etc. seems to have helped a lot with things but not completely. Anyway, These plants/succulents don’t seem to be suffering much, but I don’t want to keep risking anything if I’m going to be starting this Separate new HERB garden, and I do still I want to care for these neglected plants more properly too if I can keep them around for years to come.

So I probably need to get some IPM products, I’m in USA. My ideas were to get all the products you guys think I need for IPM, also getting totally new soil (if you have any recommendations for good cacti soil feel free), totally new grow pots for everything, maybe even a tent for these too so they aren’t just in my closet or out in the open, or maybe I’ll just do a diy clear plastic greenhouse to put by a window. I want to get shit prepped before treating, etc. Then my idea was to, one by one, take each plant and succulent, and completely repot them and treat them. I would throw all the old soil and containers away, massage the root zone a bit and wash with water or any IPM products you all recommend, dunk, spray etc, and repot in new soil and new containers and then place in new fresh clean space, and start a regular IPM schedule from there on out.

Can you help me refine my plan, and recommend products or types of products I can find? Thx for any help! I’ll probably want more help with my first grow, but this IPM for all these houseplants is probably my first step!  Thanks and take care DUDE, SCOTTY, GURU, and ALL DGC!