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I have the grow just about finished and things seemed to be going great.  We had successfully battled down thrips, spider mites and fungus gnats.  We were now trying to dial in what we thought were nutrient deficiencies.  Ultimately, I had gotten complacent and laxed on the IPM.

The big tent was into week 2 of flower.  At week 2 1/2 we were seeing tips like this…..

Here is what the flower tent looks like at week 3 1/2…..

Russet mites had come in and these ladies had to be cut down and removed.  The mites had done their damage and the plants were not able to be saved.  Even though I had gotten rid of all those other pests, I suspect there was always a small russet mite population.  I believe they managed to survive the first major IPM blast because I was not looking for them.  Out of sight, out of mind.

One of the products in my rotation is a spinosad called Capt. Jack’s Dead Bug.  It works great on all kinds of pests but it does not specify russet mites.  I suspect that during the rotation, the russet mites were able to recover during the days I was applying Capt Jack’s to our plants.

Once I stopped IPM it was on like Donkey Kong for these little fuckers!  My partner urged me to spray again but I refused her for whatever stupid reason I had.  My head was somewhere else I guess.

Anyway, with the help of DGC member WesleyPipes, the problem was identified and the battle resumed.  Flowering plants were removed and another intense IPM began on the survivors and the whole room is going to be wiped down.  Also I have been running super low temps with a higher than normal RH to help slow them down.

Fortunately there are ladies in waiting that are being treated.  They will finish the ten day IPM with various products, ending with a dose of wettable sulphur and a few days of veg before being put into flower. Most of these girls were bound for new homes come April but I don’t want to hand out potential problems.  They finish or die in house.

The IPM is going a little rough on the new babies but I think they will come around.  Once they get into a solid veg I may dip them along with regular IPM.  If all fails I will clear the room and sulphur burn.


So be sure to keep up on your IPM regularly.  Never assume you have beat a pest.  If you don’t see any assume they are there and do your regular treatments while you are in veg.  Also find something you can use if you need to spray during flower that won’t trash your buds (i.e. lost coast plant therapy or green cleaner).

I am likely going to look into a washing the buds before drying.  Here in northern California it is a pest battle on all fronts so you kind of gotta find a spray you can use.  Word to your mamas and peace out DGC! As always……GROW, SIFT, PRESERVE!!!