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This is my Spectrum King CC140 (x2) closet.

Irie Genetics Donatello and DVG Grand Slam grown in an amended organic soil following the Build a Soil organic feeding schedule using their products as well recharge and mammoth p.

Irie are in 5 gal smart pots, DVG used 3 gals.

This was my first grow without any bottled nutes. So far so good, I haven’t fed them for 3 weeks. The last feeding included a flowering compost tea. They bulked up quite a bit and are fading really well as they finish up. Pictures are from today, day 63. One of the lights gets shut off today, probably chop them at 67.

Hardest part of this one has been controlling the canopy height as my choice of strains to partner up could have been better. Lesson Learned!

In a few weeks I will test these and figure any changes I may need to make before I flip the Brothers Grimm Rosetta Stone and Irie Storm Shadow, unless they outgrow their current cabinet.