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What’s up DGC, writing in about 2 weeks before the chop to update Scotty from my email a few months ago. Pictures are from my sea of green, 1 gallon pots fed with blumats. Mix is almost 50/50 coco/vermiculite with about 10% volume of worm castings and biochar. Remo was fed label rate after clones established and half the Grow Dots pictures are 2 tbsp/gal and the other half are 3 tbsp/gal. Average temp in flower has been 82-85 with nighttime temps 7 degrees colder (VPD controlled humidistat). Weekly top waterings with fermented fruit juice from SD microbes and Recharge.

As you can see the Grow Dots plants are significantly larger than the Remo plants and also had a lot more growth earlier in flower which had me leave more lower branches which developed into tops. They really almost overgrew the Remo plants next to them. I haven’t added anything else to either once, and haven’t been able to tell too many differences in smells (and obviously smoke) yet, but wanted to share where I was at.

I’m also attaching a side-by-side of the reservoir because without even sampling the smoke yet I know I’m all done with bottled nutrients as a primary feeding source. The time spent cleaning my reservoir, circulation pump and more finicky pH hit me in the face with the smell every morning I open it up to adjust. The plants are much more green in late flower than their sisters but dry amendments really have sold me in how clean they are.