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This michel angelo is an incredible strain it has a wonderful tangerine orange flavor, with a brilliant cookie dough flavor on the exhale.. it has that little some thing when your smoking you go wow emmmm i, what’s that,,, this is my second time growing and i love this,,, week 7 first day photo,,, This bud i would imagine will weigh 2 1/2 oz dry it is a huge yielder… and heavy hitting smoke smith & flavorful that packs a wicked buzz,,, grows good germinates good no problems with my grow room stress.. grown with maxi grow & bloom  3/4 tea spoon a gal , with liquid koolbloom & ripen 2.5 ml gal,,, finishers also bio ag full power 5 ml a gal,,,,  1 tablespoon Recharge flushes every sun… love this one..