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Hello DGC Family,

Big thanks and much love to all in the DGC that makes this place great.  The pride and joy you all bring to the world is truly awesome.

Pure Love is Zak Haze X Arise.

The Pure Love was vegged for about 6-7 weeks.  From seed in little red cups, we slowly made our way up to 10 gallon fabric pot.  Feeding the hungry girl was a blast, eating up Canna coco A-B at well over what I am used to, but well worth it.  Its a no grow without Recharge so we sure do like our weekly treat, the plants and I.  To help get that veg going good, Optic Foliar was used the day after Recharge.  I also use some ferments and my home blend of carbs.  Lighting it all up. is all diy led with different spectrum’s that are used for testing plant morphology.  I wish I could tell ya how it smells and taste but I am no Rasta Jeff and have a hard time articulating it.  All I can really say it that, it has some of that haze smell and taste that we love.  The affects are very nice but will fuddle ya up if ya smoke to much. Big thumbs up to Rasta Jeff and Irie Genetics for a awesome strain. Light em up Dude, lets hear what ya think lol.

Keep your joints lit, your bowls full and your head held high