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Got the Irie Sunkiss going into an overnight dark period before the chop. These were around 10-20% amber and have another Sunkiss I’m going to run around 75-80 days long. I had more trouble dialing these Irie Sunkiss in than any of the Ethos I’ve run, but they are a beautifully potent plant and I’m extremely excited to try some of this smoke. I call it my “Mickey D’s Double Cheese” pheno because it has a smell/flavor that reminds me of a mcd’s dbl cheese burger, mustardy, vinegary, oniony, lmao best I can explain it with a hint of that skunky/gassy stench as well. This is my 4th grow so I hope to dial these in a little better next time. Grown in Roots Organics 707 under a Mars Hydro TSW-2000 in a 3×3 tent. Using Roots Organics Grow/Bloom Terp Teas, Recharge, Roots Organics Super Phos, Homemade Calcium solution (from vinegar/eggshells), magnesium (epsom salt), and silica. Maybe a few other little things I forgot. Been a while since I’ve posted here, hope all is well! Last pic is some of the new strains coming soon!