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Hey guys, wondering if this is a iron deficiency or some sort of nutrient lock out. Most my research points towards iron deficiency.

Growing in a 4×8 smart pot

My soil is a mix that i started 3 years ago originally pro mix, fox farms ocean forest, compost and worm castings. After first year i found No till farming and began adding amendments and cover crops and now mulch consistently.

Last years crop was great, amazing flavor and really no issues besides a little bud rot.

This year i decided to go big and i have 3 strains at 6 plants each (i’m medical in cali so its still a legal count) so i know i’m kind of maxing the bed out but im wondering if that could be part of the problem. i know there are a ton of things that could cause the iron deficiency or over abundance but would love to hear what everybody has to say.

plus i wanna show off this canopy

oh yeah day 10 of flower, they went 35 days of veg and flipped using good old panda film over the pvc frame.  i’m following the sunrise so i’m covering the plants 12 hours from sunrise i.e.(sunrise is at 6:09 am then i cover the plants at 6:09 pm and uncover around 11 pm so they can wake up to natural light.

lmk what you guys think all comments and criticism welcome.

oh yeah im running fire og 4G and Zookies