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What’s good everyone at dude grows! first off to get things started I wanted to say thank you guys for putting out the information that y’all do! Y’all are the real MVP’s! Just joined the Patreon team and have already taken full advantage of the Recharge coupons as well as a few others, so once again thanks for that!

So I have been growing with hydroponics systems now for about 5 years doing A frames, dutch buckets, flood tables, indoor and out door systems really just whatever, but never grew weed. My mom Now lives in Illinois and this year I helped her get my tent dialed in so that she can use it to grow her own medicine. I’m the only one in the family with a green thumb so there was a lot of teaching and explaining to the fam but definitely all around fun and got us all together! Anyhow this was my first grow with cannabis, and I was using some old seeds I’ve saved from just finding in dank nugs that I really didn’t know the strain or if it was female at that. We germinated the seeds and a few weeks later I FIMed the plant at the 4th node and she bounced back in a week to 9 days better than before. I know this is very stressful to the plant and figured it’s strain specific so I wish I could have let y’all known strain but unfortunately I’m just as SOL.

The question I had was is FIMing all that hard/bad or is it to high maintenance for some people to do while growing so much? I’m using Advanced Nutes organic series in a GH water farm with 2 royal blue v3 G5 pucks. During the time of the cut all I did was up my humidity 5ish RH, dialed the nutes to about 2/3 or 600-750 ppm, dim light to 75%,  and added Some Great white as well as did the cut on a fresh nutrient change. Everything was great.. a tad bit of wilting and lighting up of leaves, but nothing drastic this was followed by overwhelming growth turning this thing into cousin IT from the Adams family. After I pruned inner fan leaves and it went into flower the bush filled out so well! It just made me curious to know was this beginners luck or is FIMing really all that bad?