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Saludos todos,

First and foremost I would like to thank the DGC Crew for providing the stellar content and a space for hobbyists of our beloved plant. I like to listen while choiring around the farm, long drives into town and of course while gardening. Thanks again amigos.

My question comes from a cold night (27°F) we had but raised back up to 60° later in the day. They frosted hard and not in the way we like. When I checked in on the girls a few hours later most of the leaves perked back up but some of the tops took on a purple/ gray/ brown color almost botrytis looking. Are they toast or is it something they can overcome? I know it’s a loaded question and situation/cultivar dictate but I was looking for any information the wealth of knowledge this cohort has to offer. Thank you in advance.

The forecast looks mild (mid 60s day to mid 40s at night) for the next week. I figured if they are toast I have nothing to lose anyways so why not let them go another week right?

Next year will be mostly autos.

The pictures are of a Sweet Zkittles from Royal Queen Seeds one of the whole plant and a close up of the top flower.