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Hello fellow growers. I’ve got a plant from bag seed and it seems to be ready at 6 1/2 weeks. Side note it’s also the only plant in a tent that doesn’t seem to be showing signs of tobacco mosaic virus. Which has visibly spread to the other plants in the tent. It came from a clone mother I had been growing for about nine months. Now that’s not here nor there with it I’m just wondering could this plant really be ready At 6 1/2 weeks?

It’s being grown in a 5 x 5 tent, 2 gallon pot under a Parfactworks RA1000. Nutrients are Jack’s 123, potassium silicate, amino acids, Tribus and a MPK boost going into flower. For pest control I use SNS 209 Once a week in a feeding Big-Time Exterminator foliar spray and root drench in a feeding and every other week backed up with SNS 303.

Happy growing!