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Hello DGC!

Long time viewer, first time poster. I currently live in prohibition land surround by legal states with no hope of legalization here anytime soon. I am currently serving probation for a felony cannabis charge. Long story short, a childhood friend ended up setting me up by working as a confidential informant and having me get him some buds. This resulted in my place of residence being raided by the local police all to end finding a few pipes and a measly half ounce of personal. I was looking a 5+ felony charges but was released and told i would receive paperwork in the mail. A few years passed and the state finally got around to sentencing me. With the help of a lawyer I got my charges talked down to pleading guilty to one felony with eligible for expungement after successful completion of 1 year probation and 1 night in jail. I am currently serving said probation time, patiently waiting for the day I can return to the wondaful world of cannabis. After I am done with probation i want to start a small grow to supply myself instead of engaging in any gray market activity. My plan would be to run 3 plants in a 90gal no till raised bed within a 60″×33″×80″ tent under a HLG 320 rspec. My only concern is obviously having my door kicked in again and having to go to jail for even longer for being a repeat offender. My question is, if im managing the smell and keeping this completely to myself should I be paranoid about being watched by the police? Is growing for myself a safer route to take then driving around and meeting connects for supply or am i better off just sticking to the grey market to get my buds?