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What’s up guys love the show! It has become the only thing I listen to while in the garden.

I am the Operations Manager for my families Licensed Aquaponic Hemp farm.

We are running 8′ x 32′ DWC beds with over 560 individual CBD plants between the two, fed by 4, 200-gallon fish tanks with Tilapia in a 3300 sq ft greenhouse.

Recently flipped to flower (just turned the supplemental lighting off) and just started week 2 of flower today.

I know a lot of people are a fan of defoliation and I am not afraid to do that even though it would be a total pain considering 8′ width of the raft beds. But before I go through that monumental effort I want to make sure that it is actually going to affect my grow positively or at this point, if I am better of throwing a net over each one and just make sure there is enough air flower under the canopy.

Thank you for the help and many hours of education and funny shit to listen to. Peace and Blessing!