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Just wanted to hear some info on synthetic chelates. The real reason synthetics run like dragsters. Canna uses the most expensive chelate, plants can uptake iron at a ph range up to around 9. New article on heavy metals in kids juice. No one mentions this on the news but obviously synthetic chelate issues. Does rock dust have heavy metals? yes and many other elements. Would the plant tell microbes to send heavy metals in excess? Studies show significant uptake of pb with synthetic chelate compared to arbuscular mychorrhizae that produced significant manganese uptake. I like to look into the idea of organic hydroponics and I find a lot of good information from the aquaponic crew. They stay away from edta and prefer the expensive form eddha. Edta when chelating sodium is a known antimicrobial. After delivering the iron it chelates another metal. Depending on ph of solution and available metal concentrations. Edta to be effective requires a ph under 6. This is to close to the ph5.5 which kills roots and locks out calcium. Stay healthy, safe, and informed.
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