I saw what looked like a spot of powdery mildew on a leaf. I looked under the microscope and, I was a little unsure. In the past, I remember more lightning bolt sort of fibrous looking stuff. This time it kind of could’ve been accumulation of a preventative asamax Spray I had done. It had been a while since I did that and this was on an old leave. I guess I just assumed I would find more and immediately sprayed the leaf and my hand with bleach .so I went out and I looked . I found absolutely no other visible spot. However, as I’m looking over some leaves under the microscope… I cannot say that I recognize this specifically. I do not recall seeing this on anything anytime recently at least. As you will see in one of the pictures if you look closely, Doesn’t it look like it is about to spill a load of spores? And it also looks like it’s anchored down with a  stem.. well, I don’t mess around. The only thing you can control with timing is when you start. So I immediately stripped everybody. Then I used green cure. I had had this in my cupboard for about five years. Does it go bad? Anyhow, everybody is all happy now and there are no further problems that I see. I am pretty sure I was freaking out.. This is something I try not to do at night. Because when I do I find I overreact. So how to weigh out the best way to go? Do you sit in cogitate for 24 hours? Well, that could save a lot of damage for sure. On the other hand, is that 24 hours that you have bugs or spores making babies? How did I get in the situation to begin with? Well, I converted part of my shop into a house for a dog. Since doing that, I have been conserving heat from my lights and pushing air into the shop instead of out to the greenhouse. The other thing I have done is stopped using burnable sulfer. I didn’t want the toxic gases or fumes hurting my poor little cute dog. Then because I thought I would be cute and not smell like fart, I decided to use as asamax, as my IPM when I transplanted. I usually use wettable sulfer.    What I’m asking you is do you know if this is a spore about to blow its load? I now believe that my usual methods are what prevented me from having any kind of powdery mildew for the last five years. Usually I would kick any lady out that has herpes. I don’t hate them. I just see them as having a weaker immune system. This time, whether or not it was is still up in the air.   Am I crazy or am I brilliant? I think we’re all a little of both.