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What’s up DGC! As a stealth grower in prohibition land, I have limited access to grow shops, material, seeds, advice, etc., but I learned a lot from here. So thanks for providing this amazing platform for knowledge-sharing.

Do you lollipop your babies? why or why not? If so, how much undergrowth do you take out? I lollipopped mine a week before flipping to 12/12. Now, it’s week 4 of flower, and I just performed another mini-lollipop job (removing small shoots that would never make it above this thick ass canopy). These pictures are after the second lollipop job. Is there a rule of thumb on how much to take out before hurting yield? is it even proven that lollipopping does actually improve yield by concentrating it’s food to top colas? or am I just torturing my baby?

Lights: 2 X Vivosun LED 2020 edition (2 x 100 watts each)

Temp: 69 – 79 F

RH: 50-58%

Salt nutes – mixed brands

Thanks in advance