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Hey DGC,
My brother and I are new to growing. About a month ago we planted 8 autoflowers (3 from Mephisto and 5 from the Wicked Pissah). For the most part, they are thriving. However, there are few things that we noticed that might need to be addressed. As amateurs, we’re not sure that what we’re seeing is normal. First, some of the stems are getting purple in color, maybe I should up the Phosphorus? Second, a few of the plants are starting to get yellow leaf tips, are we feeding too much or is this a light issue, maybe something else? Third, my brother noticed that some of the leaves have almost a bluish tint (I think they look fine). What can we do to make this grow better? Like I said, we have 8 autos in a 4×4 feeding Recharge once a week with megacrop pH’d to around 6. The Ppm of the water never goes over 600. There is plenty of airflow, we have 2 hlg 100 growlights about 20 inches from the canopy which is covering about 4×2 of the grow space where the plants are. Temps are 70-74 with 30-40% humidity. We have Mammoth P on the way and sweet candy on standby.
I’ve only been watching for 2 weeks and I’ve already learned tons! Thanks for the great tips DGC, please let me know how I can improve.