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Whats up DGC!

First time posting, longtime viewer.  I have done multiple outdoor grows in the past with very minimal inputs as they had to be done guerrilla style in the forest; this is my first attempt indoors.

Transplanted from cups into 1 gal fabric pots

Inputs thus far – don’t quote percentages, I mostly went by feel

35% Ocean forest
20% worm castings – texas worm ranch (microbes)
15% large pumace – hydrocorn
10% organic peat moss
20% ancient forest humus (fungus)


insect frass, disease resistance
kelp meal, minerals+hormones from seaweed – potassium
oyster shell meal – calcium
Neem seed meal, deter fungus knats+root knot nematodes
alphalpha meal – triacantinol, use sparingly

Gave a boost of N with cod fish hydrolysate/Pure Protein when transplanting into one gal and will do the same when going into 5 gals (will use home-made FAA in the future). Foliar with epsom and aloe, and top dress with  kelp/wormcastings/oyster shell as needed. Have been using a bit of recharge in every watering; corn/barley SST and Recycle-sil as needed. Still learning a lot everyday!

For flower / transplant mix I have added bone meal for P, which has been cooking for a few weeks now. I also have buildabloom on hand and plan to make calphos KNF style.

Will be using Marrone and DR Zymes for IPM.

Veg tent is 2.5×2.5×5 Flower tent is 3x3x7. Using QBs for lighting.

Here is my question. As typical procedure I sit with my plants daily, check for pests and kill a couple fungus gnats lol. In doing so I have been seeing very pronounced net veins on the undersides of my leaves on some plants. I went online and started searching for similar instances but could not come up with the correct lingo to find what I was looking for. The plants look good and healthy, could this just be vigor?  I thought it was pretty interesting and was wondering if anyone has input. This first run is all bag seed collected over the past few years. Thanks so much to everyone for all of your help! The DGC has provides an enormous wealth of information!