What’s up DGC!?  A few months back I got a $59 zip of Island Sweet Skunk from the dispensary, the label said “lightly seeded”.  After getting home and opening it up, there was well over 100 seeds.  This was right as my seeds from Spain were jacked by customs, perfect timing!  With so many seeds to play with I wanted to try different methods of popping, planting, sexing and cloning.  First run popped 8, planted the longest 6 that sprouted.  After a couple weeks I took the best 4 and took them from 4” starter pots to 1 gal fabric pots with Ocean Forest, GH cal mag half strength every water, FlouraNova Bloom 4-8-7 half strength throughout bloom (burned at full strength), Recharge once a week in flower weeks 1-5.  Ended up with just under a qp of the stickiest of the icky.  Not really, but for my 2nd run ever, it’s more flavorful and dank than all the other shit I had been getting from the local dispensary, I am very happy with it!  This run I started 6, planted all 5 that sprouted.  Took the best 3 and put into 3 gal fabric pots.  A few days after the transplant I bought the bigger 150w Mara Hydro TS1000 to replace the TS600, since the temps are colder and I could handle more heat this season in the closet.  Noticeable difference in a couple days.  I have topped once and am going to flip soon.  I am going to take cuts so once I find some good female phenos I can keep them around and not have to roll the dice on getting a male.  So far I have only used tap water and recharge every few days or so.  Going to start cal mag this week and continue with that until a couple weeks into flower.  Should I take the cuts before or after flipping?  I have little colored stakes so I can keep track of what’s cuts come from which in case I get a male, or if this 3rd one in the back continues to be less vigorous than the front 2.  I am going to switch to Canna coco with A+B, but not until this damn bag of ocean forest is gone.  Any concerns with putting fresh cuts in this soil?  Should I add Recharge right away when I do? (I love that shit, you’re the man Scotty)