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Hey to Dude, Scotty, Guru and the rest of the DGC.  I have a bit of an unusual situation, but I am not sure it is a problem yet, or will be ever.

A little background – I moved into my new house a few years ago and decided last year that I want to build a dedicated grow room after having a 4×4 tent for a while.  After looking at all the situations I decided my garage was the best place.  My 4 car garage has the last bay double deep.  It was a great size 11x 14×10, had water that I could tap into, a drain, and was on an exterior wall to add A/C easily – all was great.  I added two 700 watt custom HLG fixtures, an ebb and flow bucket system, and the last two harvests have been amazing.  Now to the issue.  During my last grow, I decided that I wanted to add a CO2 burner.  I put in the CO2 monitor and burner after the last grow was done but before the new grow started and that is when I started to notice some weird numbers from the CO2 controller.

With no plants in the room and no one in it, the CO2 levels in the room were jumping between 600 ppm and 850 ppm with the burner not even hooked up.  After like 2 weeks of troubleshooting when the CO2 levels peaked and when they subsided, I think I have it narrowed down to the hot water heater adding the “free” CO2.  I have 8 plants in the room now and want to start running CO2 but don’t know if I should run at a lower level or not worry about it, and with winter coming around the corner, is the HVAC system for the house going to impart more CO2?

Thanks for all the help.  The shows have personally helped me and I decided to become a member because of all the knowledge you guys share.