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Hey DGC, i am having some issues with a first time grow. I had coco enriched with fertilizers through the veg stage and everything was good and healthy. when going to flower i transplanted into a bigger pot and used cheap coco which i did not prime or buffer etc and badly rinsed at that. i also amended this with a 3-18 bone meal and a 0-0-49 pot ash. any way i started to get a nutrient lock out, nitrogen toxicities and calcium deficiencies along with the rest no doubt. i have flushed several gallons per 2 gallon material pots, at first i did not have any cal mag or pH down and i had to just use canna coco parts a and parts b to lower pH a bit and give some nutrients back, since this i have flushed with pH cal/mag water between pH 5.5-5.8. i now just feed with a pH adjusted solution of cal/mag, canna a and b, liquid seaweed extracts and a tomato feed of 2-2.5-4.5 and a total ppm of around 900-950 and just finished first week of flower but here is my question since these issues have been happening since i switched to flower and i believe must have stunted growth will my fix work? will the time taken to fix this issued massively affect the total flowering time now? its a photo period wedding cake and a photo period atomic bomb, they are both shwing female sex on some areas. i want to know is this normal or should all areas be showing baby flowers with hairs to? is this all just down to the deficiencies and if the fix works will they grow out now? i must also say that my runoff ppm is still about 1500 and pH keeps getting to 7.1ish and even tho i keep adjusted the pH, the media stays 7ish. Is this going to ruin my fix or will as long as i keep feeding correct pH nutes be fine? Sorry for such a long and possibly confusing question i hope you can shed some light…… the pictures are from around day 7 flower just before i used the cal mag fix i cant get pictures currently but when lights come on i can. Thanks a lot