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Hey DGC Crew! Boston checking in. Had to drop this picture of a couple of nugs of my first harvest. This is the Sunset Sherbet x ROG (Relentless OG or Rolex OG not sure) from Relentless Genetics. Took about 63 days with a dry of 12 days full plant at 60F/65% RH (took it down early because the main stem looked suspect during the dry)

Grown in a frankenstein of Dr. Earth amended soil and a Super Soil mix with red wigglers in 5 gals that I filled halfway to create a humus layer with cover crop from Build a Soil with the only other inputs being fresh worm castings from my vermicompost, Fish Emulsion 5-1-1 and 2-4-1, Recharge, Oyster shell powder, powdered malted barley, Aloe vera inner fillet, coconut water, neem cake, cold pressed neem oil, and nematodes for IPM. Only problem that came up was one plant going herm( it was the runt that I allowed to catch up but became stressed out somehow) and fungus gnats (gone after a couple weeks of IPM)

Being a fan of Sherbinskis strains it’s amazing to be able to smell the reminisce of his hard work. Had to come on and show my appreciation to the DGC Crew for answering my question on one of the previous shows (I was super amped BTW) and for basically walking me through my entire grow, without this podcast I wouldn’t have been as confident to successfully complete this grow. Already started on my next grow in the same fabric pots (made sure to let the red wigglers break down the previous root system before transplanting) but I am introducing compost teas now and adding silica to a few of my waterings to see if it makes the stems a little less brittle.

Quick question: I heard someone on your podcast denounce Silica but I wanna know the DGC’s take on using it. Do you believe it will give me stronger cell walls like it is promoted? I wanna make sure im getting the most nutrient uptake from my living soil.