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Hey there Dude ! Sup Scotty?
I have been loving the podcast! It has been my go to for all the long road trips I have been on lately, I started at the beginning and have also skipped to the end to catch all the current information. I crave knowledge on the subject of growing and consuming high grade cannabis, and even after 25 years of doing this it’s awesome to find new grow communities such as yours to bounce ideas off of. Much respect boys and the DGC for providing such a forum as this!
So here is my question:
I live at the base of the Rockies at around 5500 ft.. not CO tho. I have been growing indoor hydro runs for many years now, but lately I have an itch to throw a couple of fine ladies into soil containers for a sweet little patio grow. You know… actual sunlight, enzymes, microbes… man I can’t wait! I need a soil recommendation from you guys tho. Should I build from scratch or can I go with a bag mix and maybe a few amendments? Maybe 3 20 gal or so.
Thx boys