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So I have a problem and you know sometimes when your building a super soil it takes time and patience. Ugh! something I don’t dole out very easily. I have got about 150 gallons of super soil in a three by four foot 3ft deep soil “urn” or “bathtub” ? It is going on I year, sage aging, and I want to experiment, which I always do when I have things just right . If I take about half of the soil and mix it with coco coir is this a good combination? I don,’ want to go straight coco coir but do what to see how it responds to a mixing adventure. My soil has life giving amendments to last a plant a full six months with a better way to show me if something is needed. I want to know if 50/50 is good which type coco do you suggest and should I add perlite to get a little more oxygen cushion? Also when you do use coco is a 10 gallon best for flowering size(I use 3 and 5 right now.) Also does the addition of coco allow the planter soil to heat up more and is PH harder to keep. One more thing in coco the PH is best 5.5 to 5.8? and soil 60 t0 6.6 I think so does that also change. Tell me I am crazy and I’ll agree but the show MUSY go on.