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So I have this mother plant I have been gifted with for some months she is now about 9 months total and used for babies, I know a little bit on how to take her back to a vegetation state of mind but really not enough and don’t want to screw up her life with I thought this was the way. Can you help on this move. Also I thought it might be cool since she has really been strong and still is the tightest little momma I’ve ever worked with. Not trying to be dirty but she has never been loose limbed! You just can’t imagine how she smells when you get up close. Wild! If I want to try and squeeze her to the outside is it possible to do I would pretty much be in sequence with an outdoor grow and I would like to see if she has more left in her.  So two part question and I’m hoping for at least one good solution. Thanks so much and I’ve suggested to youtube they rethink their ideas on bad boy punishments. I am just one voice but I’m sure carry the thoughts of thousands.