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Jack Herer,  just one plant in 25 gallon Radicle Bag. Yield was average at 9.2 oz dried and cured. Grown in Buildasoil Oly Mountain Modern Mix 2 soil. All inputs were Ferticell Universal Algae, Coconut water,  Sprouted Seed Tea of Alfalfa for Triacontanol,  Mycorrhazae inoculate, Rootwise Biophos and Buildabloom in flower. I have both red wigglers and night crawlers in the pot for fresh Unicorn Poop daily. 1000s of Rove Beetles and Hyopasis Miles predator mites which take care of all soil borne pest such as fungus gnats, the Beetles also eat, shit, live and die by the 1000s every month for fresh insect frass and little dead bodies for chitin. Cover crop for nitrogen and a thick mulch of rice hulls, barley straw and chopped up cover crop to keep the worms and bugs happy. Buds thickly covered in trichomes with a strong grapefruit and pine scent. Seems quite potent. Will be very nice after a 9+ month cure.