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What up DGC, new to the community but I’m a hooked binge watching home grower now! Keep enlightening us with wisdom…

Question: I recently harvested an auto Zkittlez with a 7-Day dry humidity between 65 and 70%. On day seven, I took my lady down manicured her and put her in jars with an Integra 62% 2way humidity pack. I noticed after the third day in jars that the buds weren’t tensing up and becoming firm which made me believe they still had too much moisture still inside. They did not have the ammonia smell but they just smell like air not even grass or hay, maybe bc I kept opening the jars. Is it too late to take them out of the jars with the humidity packs and let them air dry become more crispier to release some of the chlorophyll to gain more flavor and taste or have I lost that?

The crispy cola buds smell like candy when grinding but not the rest of the plant that did not crisp up. Help a crew member out…