Jazz = Galactic Jack x Raspberry Kush, a rare limited release created by Heros of the Farm and distributed TGA Seeds. Smells like a perfect mix of classic Jack Herer and sour raspberry candy.

Sounds weird, but I feel like this plant and I “get along” really well. She has grown like a champ and smelled great from day one. She grew some really interesting “double middle finger” leaves early on, a pretty cool mutation that I’ve never seen before now. (check out the pic)

I’ve been trying not to get too attached to strains lately, but this girl stole my heart. I suspect she is something special. I currently just have the one in flower, but I took a bunch of clones for next run.

She is currently about 5 weeks into flower and sharing space with another plant under a Spectrum King 400+. In custom organic soil with recharge, mammoth P and some homemade teas and KNF inputs.  Next run will be all Jazz under the 3 x SK 400+.

I think I’m in love…

Check out @soupthegardener on instagram for more pics!


Jazz! I’m in love!


Early flower, trichs on trichs!

Double Middle Finger Leaf from early veg. Super weird mutation I’ve never seen before. Shes grown a few more weird leaves since then but 99% of them are normal.