Jazz= Galactic Jack x Raspberry Kush

bred by Heros of the Farm, Distributed by TGA Genetics

Here is my first Jazz post with pics of her during the grow!

Tastes like classic Jack Herer (lemon lime margarita mix + ammonia glass cleaner) but with some sour berry undertones.  I’ve always loved that classic Jack taste but the sour raspberry addition really makes it more complex and interesting!  Smoke is really smooth and extra thick, almost seems creamy.  Buds are all green on the outside, but full of purple colored patches inside.  Great all around smoke, great taste and has really unique fruity odor.

Loving this lady and I’m doing another run with her right now.

Grown with:

Spectrum King 400+

Amended living soil

Recharge and Mammoth P

Compost teas

botanical teas

homemade korean natural farming inputs (lacto, FPEs, FFJs)


Jazz Round 2- Coming soon


Thanks for looking! Check out my other Jazz post, my blog here at Dude Grows, and my instagram (@soupthegardener) for more pics and fun gardening stuff!