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So looks like the trichs are ready so you know that means another week!!  This beautiful lady has a fruity candy smell on top of hitting a skunk with your car. Grown under the Slim 600h and two Slim 100 bloom boosters by Optic LED.  Using 5 gallon rainscience grow bags with Coast of Maine Stoningtons Blend media. The microbes im using are Biorightous by EarthJuice, mammoth P, and locally harvest microbes. The Stoningtons Blend is considered a super soil and last me right up until flower at which point I use the complete Roots Organics liquid line brewed for 24 hours with a pump and air stones. The tent I’m using is an ACinfinity 4×4 grow tent with the T6 exhaust fan that runs to a tee-y with two 6 inch ACinfinty carbon filters. I trim big fan leaves and hang whole plant. When I trim I have my 3 layer TrimBin and use a Cannabrush which has silicon flat Bristols and is AMAZING!!!!!  I the jar in my Ball mason jars and throw in an IntegraBoost 62% humidity pack for cure. I know Guru I heard you the other day 58% is perfect for short term but I tend to over dry and this cures my buds up nicely. I also have Slurricane which I will throw as the last picture but is not the bud I’m entering. In the tent is also Krumpets and Big Drip (slurricane x purple punch). Dude grows crew for life!!!!!